Consulting Sourcing

Consulting Procurement or Procurement Consulting?

Consulting Procurement or Procurement Consulting?

Type Consulting Procurement in your browser and look at the results. What do you find? A list of consulting companies that offer their services to help improve your company's purchasing and/or sourcing capabilities. But is it the same thing as Consulting Procurement?

Podcast | How to find the right consultants for your projects?

The first question is not "do I need a consultant?" Instead ask yourself: do I have an urgent problem? If yes, find your best understanding of the issue and why it needs a solution. Then ask yourself: what kind of consultant can solve this issue? Another way to put...

The Consulting Sourcing Trick You’ll Never Forget

The Consulting Sourcing Trick You'll Never ForgetThere are many tricks you can use to buy consulting services, but the one I want to share with you today is what we call "The Consulting Sourcing Trick."The Consulting Sourcing Trick You'll Never...