Consulting Q&ACategory: Consulting Career & RecruitmentHow to find a job in Consulting?
Paul Bernard Staff asked 4 years ago
Do you need a specific background ?

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answered 4 years ago

Here are 4 steps to help you start off the process:

First off, you should do your research to identify the type of consultancy and industry you want to work in and reach out to consultants in these capacities to assess the fit.

Second, you need to market yourself –a well-formatted resume tailored to consulting and a strong online profile are your best shot at standing out among hundreds of other candidates.

Third, familiarize yourself with the consulting recruiting timeline and processes and prepare adequately. It is important to identify the most suitable recruiting channel for yourself.

Fourth, go on the websites of various consulting firms to look for recruiting information and interview tips. Also dig job boards tailored to consulting recruiting (such as Jobsulting).

Here is a great article that may help too: How to Break into Consulting