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Friday, November 17th, 2017


“Customers today demand more of their online retail experience, seeking a more interactive shopping experience along with more detailed and more engaging content to aid in making purchasing decisions. Product information management is the customer-driven organization’s tool for reaching and engaging this audience in an increasingly competitive environment.“

This Week’s Must Read comes from an insight piece from the Jabian Journal, in which the consultant explores ways for traditional brick-and-mortar stores to stay competitive in the face of the new digital ecosystem of retail and quickly evolving changes in consumer behaviors.

Read the full article: “End of the Aisle? –How do brick-and-mortar stores stay relevant in the digital landscape?

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Vocaprep is a brand new Montreal-based consulting interview preparation platform that is taking the industry by storm. Their innovative approach to preparing candidates is one that has left many users with job offers from their dream consulting firms.

The Vocaprep team has provided us with our own discount code for those looking to try out the new EdTech platform. Use CQUEST to get two-thirds off when purchasing your life-time Vocaprep membership.

For more on Vocaprep, you can find them at: Vocaprep.comYouTubeFacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.


  • How to Unlock the Potential of Key Account Management: Overcoming KAMs’ challenges and reversing disappointing results requires that medtech companies focus on finding, cultivating, scaling and empowering the right talent, and enabling them to build and sustain long-term relationships with their accounts. | Brian Chapman, Roz Lawson and Matt Scheitlin, ZS Associates
  • Supply Chain Collaboration: Supplier chain collaboration itself isn’t new. What’s new is that it’s taken on a much greater urgency and importance.  | Charles (Chuck) Intrieri
  • What do dogs and artificial intelligence have in common?: To think of AI as a ‘clever human’ is to misunderstand it, and what it’s capable of. And that could affect how you develop it and what tasks you give it. | Tom Watt, PA Consulting
  • “Pop-Up” Teams: In today’s world of rapidly changing markets and technological advances, the traditional focus on scale and efficiency is going the way of the dinosaur. | Deb Seidman, Green Silks Associates

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  • Is Consulting Right for You?: Thinking about management consulting? Check out this consulting mini-series to help you decide if the field is right for you, ace your case, and tackle the quant interview. | Sheila Shah, The Muse
  • A Day in the Life of a Management Consultant from Campbell Alliance: An important question to ask when considering a career as a management consultant is: “what is a typical day in the life like?” The job is fast-paced and ever-changing, so there is no “typical day”, but it’s important to understand the intensity of the job. | Consulting Case 101


  • Kohesiv is seeking to hire a Director level/Senior Management Consultant (10+ years) with Financial Services and Big 4 or other large consultancy experience. Learn More
  • Gartland & Melinda Group is looking for a Associate with 2-5 years of consulting, financial services, or other relevant work experience with an emphasis on strategic and critical thinking. Learn More

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