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Wednesday, May 05th 2021

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Clubhouse is a platform that allows your business to grow or to participate in discussions about your favorite interests as it takes into account your business goals and objectives. A great place to share your story, test your ideas or get advice. Do you think it is in line with your strategy?

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from NoGood about Clubhouse, a great new social media tool for brands.


Thought Leadership

Through data and predictive analytics, brands can now optimize marketing investments, support the effectiveness of performance media, and reduce the risk of eroding the brand. How do you know what the effect will be over the long term?

Douglas Brooks@MMA (Marketing Management Analytics)

Using data to achieve the perfect balance between human and automation to create meaningful human connections will be a challenge when deploying AI for marketers. How to prioritize the customer’s perspective now, then, and beyond?

Janet Balis@EY consulting for HBR

The COVID-19 pandemic significantly accelerated the adoption of online CPG shopping, simultaneously heightening consumer expectations for expediency, safety and convenience. In light of the shifts that took place this year, Nielsen interviews Matt Devitt and Sucharita Kodali on how brands and retailers need to adjust how they engage with consumers. What’s your take on the lanscape and the key challenges for retailers?

Matt Devitt@Nielsen and Sucharita Kodali@Forrester Research

Since Generation Z presents such a great opportunity for businesses, marketing this generation will require changes in your strategies. Transparency and openness will be required. Do you think you should direct all your attention to this new opportunity?

Patricia Untinen@Arnold Street Media foir Digital Agency Network

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2020 was a crazy year, especially because of COVID. But many things have changed: new algorithms, people challenging the position of companies like Facebook, voice search controlling roughly 50% of the searches in the United States… What do you think is next?

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