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Wednesday, October 06th 2021

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Covid-19 is reshaping the future of business

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For more than a billion individuals throughout the world, COVID-19 brought normalcy to a standstill.
Here are some hypotheses on what could happen, to help us see fresh possibilities or hidden hazards related to the pandemic’s impact on individuals and societies. What will be different if we return to “normal”?

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Gopi Billa, Andrew Blau and Philipp Willigmann, Deloitte about lasting effects of the worldwide pandemic.

Gopi Billa, Andrew Blau and Philipp Willigmann@Deloitte

Thought Leadership

Cisco has revised its strategic playbook, which contains six suggestions for all companies to consider, based on lessons gained from the pandemic and digital initiatives to solve e-commerce gaps.

Maria Martinez@Cisco for Cognizant

Due to constantly changing consumer expectations and an unparalleled rate of change, corporate executives’ demands for speed and flexibility have risen substantially post-COVID19.
This unique IBV Trending Insights report combines the findings of several proprietary consumer and executive polls performed in 2020: The reality for enterprises has changed dramatically after COVID19.

 @IBM Institute for Business Value

The significance of government resilience—the ability to absorb shocks, adapt, and prosper in a changing environment—has been highlighted by the COVID-19 epidemic. In an era of rising disruption, what resilience efforts can help governments to better protect and assist their citizens?

Daniel Acosta, Matthew Mendelsohn, Dr. Jay Patel, Martin Reeves, and Lucie Robieux@BCG

As they continue to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 epidemic, today’s CEOs confront an enormous task.
These business executives are responding to the crisis with a spirit of innovation, speeding digital transformation, developing flexible cost structures, and implementing agile operations.


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| @Accenture

| @KSM (Katz, Sapper & Miller) @Noble Consulting Services, Inc

| @Praxis Consulting

| Emma Taylor@ LACE Partner

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In this video Bernard Marr, futurist, looks at the 6 key impacts Covid-19 and the coronavirus pandemic will have on businesses. Every business should rethink their operations in the context of these trends.

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