Wednesday, October 21st 2020

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What is digital distruption for Corporate Finance?

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In the corporate finance world, corporate clients think about how banks’ financial instruments can fill liquidity gaps and optimize risk exposures. This article describes each trend and examines its potential impact on corporate finance lifecycle. How quick can digital disruption rattle the corporate finance world? Are you prepared for it?

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Detecon about the impact of digital disruption in Corporate Finance.


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The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly disrupted the world of corporate finance. The function is facing a reckoning across a wide spectrum of areas. How can companies turn these changes into unique opportunities, and what will be the impact of COVID-19 on the future of corporate finance in Asia?

Taran Khera@Bloomberg


COVID-19 has made financial planning and performance management even more difficult. Companies’ existing plans will need to be revised due to the rapidly changing global health situation. But how do we plan in this environment when we don’t know what is going to happen?

Ankur Agrawal, Kapil Chandra, Matthew Maloney, and Michele Tam @Mckinsey


Budgeting processes are frustrating, especially in these uncertain times: tedious templates, endless financial forecasts, haggling over targets and battling for resources. Beyond the control it provides, are your plans flexible enough to focus on what really creates value?

Darrell K. Rigby, Joost Spits, and Steve Berez @Bain & Company for HBR


The Covid-19 crisis is clearly accelerating digitalization. It’s time corporate finance departments take a good look at their internal operations to understand what can be automated and what additional value can be delivered to their organizations.

Havell Rodrigues@FinTech Entrepreneur for Forbes

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Bahea Izmeqna, Chief Operating Officer at Greensill explores why data is an icon to show business growth, mitigating risk, and exposure through data and the power of digitization to enable Greensill to scale geographically.

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