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Wednesday, July 14th 2021

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Disruptions on the horizon for Financial Services.

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Long before the pandemic, the financial services industry has had more disruption than any other industry turning to digital transformation to enhance more customer-centric offerings. With the increase in social distancing and preference for online transactions, an open banking ecosystem based on a platform can help unleash big ambitions and revolutionary business value.
So, what strategic choices will you make?

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from  Kellton Tech about how the open banking revolution is influencing financial institutions.

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Thought Leadership

To deliver the future of banking, managing IT spend needs a new approach. But IT spend steering can no longer be considered simply “nice to have” in today’s uncertain environment. So how do you implement the right IT spending strategy?

Karim Zerhouni, Juan González @Arthur D. Little

From financing solutions to smart payment methods or mobile payment solutions and crypto-currencies are all challenges facing the banking industry. FinTechs that blend the traditional banking industry with innovative software solutions are offering greater choice to customers. Should the future of the banking industry be reoriented?

Annette Putzer, Franziska Schmid and Güney Aktas@ConMendo

The “Buy Now Pay Later” hype, visible in many European countries today, could be a real product disruption in retail banking. Here is a state of play and some strategies for industry players who are not yet active in the BNPL market and who need to assess their opportunities regarding this hot topic.

Christoph Stegmeier, Oyvind Oanes and Erica Liao @exton consulting

Many companies have focused on delivering products and services on the terms of increasingly connected customers, but at what cost? Are financial services companies equipped to address today’s top priorities for customer experience and operational efficiency?

Jill Jacques@North Highland

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After weathering the first phase of the pandemic in 2020 relatively well, communication service providers (CSPs) will enter 2021, facing a brave new world and many tough decisions to make – Christopher Antlitz@Technology Business Research

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