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Wednesday, October 13th 2021

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 Exploring space, the moon and the planets beyond

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With the increasing expansion of space operations in various nations, a rising number of corporate actors investing in space systems and their downstream applications, the space sector is now undergoing several structural changes.Both the demand and supply sides are affected by paradigm shifts.

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Sebastien Plessis, Emerton about the on-going changes in the Space industry.

 Sebastien Plessis@Emerton

Thought Leadership

From the first lunar landing to the satellite race and SpaceX, space exploration has increased our knowledge of the universe and led to many innovations. While the promises are great, the risks remain.

Michael Collins@Magellan

Because of a tremendous need for images and communications throughout the world, the market for tiny satellites is rising like never before. Alexandre Tisserant, CEO of Kineis, and Manfred Hader, Roland Berger discuss the challenges of launching tiny satellites and his opinions on the excitement surrounding investments in microlauncher projects in this interview.

Manfred Hader@Roland Berger and Alexandre Tisserant@Kineis

Although there are doubts regarding the actual scale and long-term viability of the commercial-space industry, it looks to be on the verge of considerable expansion. The fundamental question is whether there will be economic activity in space that extends beyond tourism (for example, asteroid mining or manufacturing).

Chris Daehnick and Jess Harrington@McKinsey

Smaller launch vehicles will give access for prospective new entrants as the cost of commercial space exploration continues to fall.
Companies and organizations of all kinds are increasingly able to test innovative ways of producing products and offering better services in space.

Jeff Matthews@Deloitte

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| Christoph Schweizer@BCG

| Tanyka M. Barber@TNG Consulting

| @Oliver Wyman

| @EY

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Let’s dig into SpaceX and Elon Musk’s plans and mission to colonize Mars!

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