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Wednesday, March 31st 2021

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How can nonprofit organizations sail through uncertainty?

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The nonprofit sector is a major constituent of French society. Nevertheless, very few of the organizations declare themselves to be digitally mature. Could digital tools help voluntary organizations to be more effective in their actions?

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Rado Rakotoarimanana, Business & Decision, about how digital transformation can help the nonprofit sector.

Rado Rakotoarimanana@Business & Decision

Thought Leadership

Since COVID-19, Nonprofits need to have a solid technical foundation in order to carry on with their work. What about those that couldn’t pivot quickly?

Jeffrey Appell@Heller Consulting

In a time when smartphones, the use of the Internet, social media, and other technological applications have been democratized, how have nonprofits organized themselves? Has the pandemic accelerated this long-overdue digital transformation?

Donna Galer@Hanover Stone Solutions and Al Decker@Risk Management

An interesting survey on nonprofits to better understand the social sector’s challenges and gather their top priorities in a post-Covid era.

 Suzanne Smith@Social Impact Architects

This article is the first of a three-part series highlighting strategies for strengthening nonprofits to be better prepared to push through the current crisis.

Meera Chary and Bill Breen @The Bridgespan Group

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