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Wednesday, May 27th 2020

How Covid-19 is making employee communication so important.


It’s 2020, and our workforces don’t look like they used to. Thanks to technology tools and globalization, internal communicators face a lot of new challenges. Doing internal communications right means happy, effective, productive employees that positively contribute to the employee experience; while doing it wrong can leave employees confused, unproductive, and disconnected from company initiatives.

What is internal communication and what are the best practices you need to drive successful change in your organization?

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from SocialChorus about factors that are impacting internal communications, technologies included..

Read on to Find out More: “What is Internal Communications in 2020? | Charong Chow, SocialChorus.

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Disasters and Employee Communication, with Keri Stephens.


  • COVID-19: Now is the Time to Have a Clear Internal Communications Plan in Place– “As of March 11, 2020, there were 118,000 cases of COVID-19 worldwide. Significant impact is anticipated for employers as the virus spreads both from a humanitarian support AND workplace perspective. During times of uncertainty, it is imperative for employers to have a plan in place to communicate directly and quickly with their key constituents – in this case, your employees.” The author helps us identify communications needs and leverage best practices as we navigate the impact of COVID-19. | Mary Schafer Morgan, ADP
  • A leader’s guide: Communicating with teams, stakeholders, and communities during COVID-19– “Crises come in different intensities. As a “landscape scale” event the coronavirus has created great uncertainty, elevated stress and anxiety, and prompted tunnel vision, in which people focus only on the present rather than toward the future. During such a crisis, when information is unavailable or inconsistent, and when people feel unsure about what they know (or anyone knows), behavioral science points to an increased human desire for transparency, guidance, and making sense out of what has happened.” Responding to the coronavirus crisis,  this article offers expertise on  behaviors to help leaders navigate the pandemic and recovery. | Ana Mendy, Mary Lass Stewart, and Kate VanAkin, McKinsey.
  • How to Create an Internal Communications Plan: “Taking a step back and reassessing your current internal communications strategy is essential to building a new internal communications plan successfully. If you don’t yet have a strategic communication plan, you’ve still come to the right place.” Interesting approach that will help you create a stellar internal communications plan and strategy. | Khadijah Plummer, ContactMonkey.
  • 12 Employee Communication Mistakes (& How to Avoid Them): “Effective employee communication can transform your organization in so many different ways! And yet, many employees are not so happy with the way their employers communicate with them. This is why we have put together the main mistakes employers make when communicating with their employees as well as best practices for avoiding these mistakes.” The author lists the main reasons why communication with employees is important. | Kristina Martic for Smarp.


  • Tens of millions of surgeries are being postponed as a result of the pandemic:IT IS NOW well established that face masks are an effective tool for slowing the spread of the coronavirus. But in Japan such face-coverings are being used for another, less urgent, purpose: concealing post-surgery swelling. Last week Kyodo News, a wire service, reported a surge in demand for cosmetic surgery in the country.” | The Economist.
  • China’s Manufacturing Had V-Shaped Rebound After Covid-19, Geospatial Data Shows: “China’s manufacturing sector mounted a V-shaped recovery after the restrictions imposed to combat the Covid-19 outbreak in January and February were eased, according to a new report based on geospatial data. But the recovery is regional rather than national.” | William Clegg, Yicai Global.
  • Honeywell Launches Solutions to Help Improve Building Health and Reassure Occupants:Honeywell  today launched an integrated set of solutions to help building owners improve the health of their building environments, operate more cleanly and safely, comply with social distancing policies, and help reassure occupants that it is safe to return to the workplace.” |PRNewswire
  • CGI helps launch UK space technology team Athena: “Four UK-based companies announce today that they will team up to combine their complementary skills and expertise to enhance further the country’s space industry capabilities to deliver prosperity and security.” |


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