Wednesday, November 4th 2020

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Under the pressure of the pandemic, how do companies handle their digital transformation?

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A recent McKinsey Global Survey of executives shows that, even though the adoption of digital transformation is not new, the current crisis will make companies shift in epic proportions. The extent of the changes in the human and economic situation will no doubt be historic. What lessons can we take from the experiences of the organizations that went through the process already, both on the technological and the managerial angle?

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from McKinsey about how the Covid crisis has speeded the digital transformation for many organizations.

  Laura LaBerge, Clayton O’Toole, Jeremy Schneider and Kate Smaje@McKinsey

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SMS, payments, and multiple forms of communications like live chat online or even more old-school systems like interactive voice response systems are fields in which the companies have to accelerate their digital transformations to adapt to the needs caused by the Covid.

John Koetsier@Forbes

The era of COVID-19 is one of the biggest crises in modern history. As people have to stay at home and practice social distancing, many businesses and industries face serious issues. This survey, conducted by UNCTAD and Observatory NetComm Suisse, shows how consumers from nine different countries have changed their online behaviors and shopping due to the pandemic. What does that mean for e-commerce and more traditional industries?


It is interesting to see how the global defense industry answers the Covid impact by evolving, adapting, shedding their rigid structures, and investing in new technology to continue their domestic and foreign operations.

 Matthew Medley@IFS North America

Many companies worked around the clock by leveraging remote technology to overcome new challenges and obstacles due to Covid Crisis. What are the consequences and risks for its employees who are the main actors of a successful transformation?

Behnam Tabrizi@Stanford University for HBR

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Clara Durodié, executive chair of the Cognitive Finance Group and author of Decoding AI in Financial Services: Business Implications for Boards and Professionals discusses the industry’s understanding of machine learning, and whether business leaders can maximise on machine learning.

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