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Wednesday, September 8th 2021

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How to get innovation that delivers?

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When design principles are applied to strategy and innovation, the success rate of innovation improves dramatically. For a growing number of companies, design thinking is at the heart of effective strategy development and organizational change. Where do you stand?

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Linda Naiman, Creativity at Work, on the distinctions between design and design thinking and its impact on innovation if executed correctly and strategically.

Linda Naiman@ Creativity at Work

Thought Leadership

Many utilities are turning to digital technologies to drive innovation and cost advantages so they can compete and thrive. Will utilities be green or grid dinosaurs?

Sophie Fraser, Damon Harding @Digital Works Group and Joe Wheatley@SYKES Digital Services

An innovation tool commonly used is a “Growth Pyramid” or sometimes called a Growth Wheel. It has lost its edge. It’s time to reinvent the wheel and make it better for today’s fast-paced consumer-orientated world.

Lara Kottsieper, Peri Ataser and Lauren Huber@Elixirr

The future of work is digital. Digital technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of things (IoT), robotics and new forms of collaboration are disrupting traditional industries and creating new opportunities. How to develop leaders to lead this transformation?

Prof Sattar Bawany@Disruptive Leadership Institute for EDA

Emerging technologies are changing the way we work, communicate, and live. For business leaders in any sector or industry, these technologies can present tremendous opportunity or considerable risk. Have you identified potential emerging technology solutions that could impact your business?

Susan Penfield@Booz Allen Hamilton

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Innovation is bringing solutions to real problems. Simon Sinek explains why innovation is often broken in corporations. Not all toasters are created equal .

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