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Wednesday, April 7th 2021

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Not all roads lead to R&D productivity…

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The lack of R&D productivity in the pharma industry is among its top leaders’ concerns, which is not surprising. This study conducted by Russell Reynolds Associates reveals how the industry must reinvent itself to improve productivity.

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Russell Reynolds Associates about how R&D evolves in the pharma industry.

 @Russell Reynolds Associates

Thought Leadership

In this podcast, Ray Chohan and Kevin See explore the impact of AI on lowering the cost of R&D, increasing research productivity, and creating more value for consumers and shareholders.

Ray Chohan@PatSnap and Kevin See@ Lux Research

This report from the Deloitte Centre for Health Solutions explores the biopharmaceutical industry’s performance and its ability to generate returns from investment in innovative new products.

Colin Terry and Neil Lesser @Deloitte

Corporate leaders focused on long-term value creation need to recognize that developing business applications, revenue models, and markets for new products often requires as much time and resources. Shouldn’t a strong innovation function be the norm for any sustainable and successful company?

Gina O’Connor@Babson College

AstraZeneca continuously looks to the future, giving their scientists time for curiosity and original thinking, enabling them to follow the science, further improve our R&D success rate, and deliver transformative treatments for patients. For once, let’s have a look at the client’s perspective.


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Nestlé’s R&D teams are committed to accelerating the development of innovative products and systems by bringing together Nestlé scientists, students, and start-ups to advance science and technology. This short video present 6 simple steps used by Nestlé to accelerate innovation.

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