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Wednesday, July 07th 2021

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Post-Covid Opportunities for the telecom industry.

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Telecom providers are to capture more value from the digital value chain. They must rapidly evolve their business model to a platform-based one that fosters innovation after triggering the digital revolution while failing to capture any value. With 5G and virtualization, everything is possible.

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from  Kearney  about how telecom providers need to extract more value from their digital value chain.

Reuben Chaudhury, Axel Freyberg, John Gomes, Moritz Tybus and Amit Gupta @Kearney

Thought Leadership

The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing organizations to accelerate their emerging technology agenda, as enterprise interest in 5G has increased in the wake of the pandemic. Findings from the latest EY survey of enterprise attitudes highlight the transformational promise of the 5G-based internet of things (IoT).

Tom Loozen and Adrian Baschnonga @EY

As Covid-19 has truly contributed to driving digital acceleration, this survey is to understand how Covid-19 has impacted habits and preferences when choosing to interact digitally to serve consumers need.

 @Delta Partners

Although it is still too early to judge the full impact of the pandemic on the telecom sector, social distancing, working from home, or store closures due to lockdowns, are all factors that will impact an economy already under pressure.

George Houpis, José María Rodríguez Ovejero and Garima Nirula @Frontier Economics

Because 5G can be applied to multiple industries and applications, it will be critical to ensuring that every industry and application can access the exact performance it needs. This report identifies the six most robust B2B “scenarios” that MNOs can build on to develop a solid 5G business case for 2030.

Caroline Gabriel, Roberto Kompany and Michela Venturelli @ Analysys Mason

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| @OpenPR

| Rich Miller@Data Center Frontier

| @Nasdaq


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After weathering the first phase of the pandemic in 2020 relatively well, communication service providers (CSPs) will enter 2021, facing a brave new world and many tough decisions to make – Christopher Antlitz@Technology Business Research

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