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Wednesday, September 15th 2021

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The future of healthcare

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Critical to the success of VR in this training context is ensuring that VR headsets are widely available, making them accessible for use by all physicians/healthcare professionals interested in learning. This need led to development of new business models and technologies.

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Jennifer Riebli and Sheila Babnis, Future State about some of the possibilities that virtual reality offers to change the health care and medical training sector.

Jennifer Riebli and Sheila Babnis@Future State

Thought Leadership

In theory, digital health startups could provide a valuable opportunity to engage more people in specific health behaviors. With a new generation of digital technologies available for public health outreach and engagement, why hasn’t this been the case?

RJ Krawiec, Kimberly McGuire, John McInerney and Neha Malik@Deloitte

While figures indicate customer satisfaction is high throughout the healthcare industry, many professionals say meeting expectations during the first days and weeks of implementation can be difficult due to technical hurdles like outdated systems .Which technology approach will be most beneficial to their bottom line?

John Maculley@ Accel Management Group

Vaccines are typically stored in temperature-controlled warehouses or transportation containers, ready to be deployed when an immediate local demand for specific vaccines is raised. The supply chain has historically been extremely efficient due to this distribution system, but with rising temperatures, the healthcare industry now needs to incorporate climate models into its supply planning.

 Raymond Berglund and Lee Feander@Alvarez & Marsal

What are key factors affecting success operating models for digital health care delivery and how they can be applied with the goal of helping providers scale up an existing telehealth service?

Leisa Maddoux and Aloha McBride@EY

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| Rosie Izzi@EY

| Ben Doltis@PCB Partners


| @Anthesis Group

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How vital basic Science is and how Pandemic brought a huge boom in Life Sciences fields.

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