Wednesday, September 30th 2020

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The future of Media & Entertainment at the age of digital & coronavirus

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After two major crises — September 11, 2001, and the financial crisis of 2008–2009—that accelerated the impact of digital disruption on media industry. The industry is facing a third one with the COVID-19. Its impact on the world and the Media communities that is rapidly changing making all businesses refocus on essential points…

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Neal Zuckerman, BCG about how Media companies face COVID-19.

  Neal Zuckerman@Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

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Because consumers themselves want to manage their media consumption, media companies want to shift their business models to subscriptions and other forms of recurring revenue.

Simon Bamberger, Hady Farag, Anna Green, Vaishali Rastogi, Steffen Stern, and Neal Zuckerman @BCG


Media and the ways we engage with them are going through a major transformation. In this article, the author gives us an overview of the current state of the media and entertainment industry and how certain companies are working to evolve their digital experiences depending on users expectations.

Natasha Wahid for Winderfunnel


In The media and entertainment industry creators are often put at a disadvantage by middlemen margins and stealth profits. With the help of blockchain technology, the media and entertainment industry could potentially eliminate fraud, vastly reduce costs, and increase transparency overall.

Tatiana Koffman@Forbes


As US technology, media, and telecommunications companies focus on responding to the global pandemic and its immediate repercussions, they should reassess what and how they sell, as well as how they operate. Here are four strategic issues that they should consider, to recover from the crisis while laying the foundations for a thriving future according to the authors.

Kevin Westcott, Susan Goldsmith, Mic Locker and Danny Ledger@Deloitte

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| Jeannie Baumann@Bloomberg News

| @MarketScreener

| @PRNewswire


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Creativity in the Digital Age, shares the firsthand perspective and experience of four accomplished media and entertainment industry professionals on their creative origins…

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