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Wednesday, May 19th 2021

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Virtual customers: the new normal?

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What the pandemic tells us is that acquiring new customers remains extremely difficult. For B2B companies, selling has shifted to virtual methods, such as connecting remotely via video or telephone. But will the virtual-only connection enable them to meet the challenges of acquiring new customers?

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from ZS Associates about how to reach new customers virtually.

Andy Zoltners, Prabha Sinha and Sally Lorimer@ZS Associates

Thought Leadership

A sales organization must understand its sales ramp time to accurately forecast, recruit, and plan resource capacity needs. The quality of the salespeople you will hire, combined with the design of your compensation package, will have a real impact on your bottom line.

Alexander Green@motiveOS

In this podcast, Hugh MacArthur and Mark Kovac discuss how some companies start building a sales excellence team from day one, turning it into a remarkable engine for growth in the long run.

 Hugh MacArthur and Mark Kovac@Bain & Company

Sales Excellence is a critical yet intangible asset in any business. And every organization is unique in its definition of Sales Excellence and Sales intelligence. Does the key to your success lie in a deep introspection of your sales functions?

Milind Katti@DemandFarm

In today’s disrupted market, our basics like pricing need solidity whether you focus on the short or long term. But should you focus on decreasing costs or increasing revenues?

Baydhir Badjoko@The Consultants bvba

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| @ Yahoo Finance

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We talk a lot about how to land a discovery call or demo, but what happens after that is even more important. How to avoid losing prospects?

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