Wednesday, September 23rd 2020

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What does the future hold for Strategic Communications?

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Conventionally a press release would be the most popular mean of communicating a message. How has PR evolved in the last 20 years? What to expect from PR for the future? Is Digital PR the only way forward for any brand wanting to increase its traffic?

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Hallam about how new digital techniques have really transformed the Press Release.

  Rebecca Peel @Hallam

Thought Leadership

Are you a Leader who accepts the challenge of engaging with their employees? Do you demonstrate how fully you value them? Do you set up your teams to undertake successful digital transformations? Here are seven ways to proceed…


Understanding the concept of power is key to make sense of social movements and the role of strategic communication. Joseph Phelan introduces two types of power: direct and personal.

Shanelle Matthews ,Zaineb Mohammed and Joseph Phelan for The communication Network

Communications teams are central to the work needed to nurture an inclusive culture. Whatever the method used, language can reinforce or dismantle a status quo. The article presents three ways to get started.

Kim Clark @Ragan

How to prepare your company or client for the new era of cyber breaches, risk management, and bold political stands. Richard Levick shares ways to prepare your company.

Richard Levick @LEVICK

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| Greg Ryan@Boston Business Journal

| @Silicon Valley Daily

| @PRNewswire


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Keisha Brewer will share how effective communications can be used by all women (and men) to excel in everyday life.

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