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Wednesday, March 17th 2021

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What does the new Private Equity look like?

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The Covid19 pandemic challenged the most successful private equity businesses. Throughout these unprecedented times, they have demonstrated the ability to continue to deploy capital. Their faculty to adapt and navigate changed landscapes suggests the industry is well-positioned for a robust 2021 and beyond.

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Andrew Weir, KPMG about Private Equity trends for 2021.

 Andrew Weir@KPMG

Thought Leadership

Private equity firms can help small enterprises grow and, in turn, generate returns for investors. In times COVID-19 pandemic, learn how Private equity firms will continue to play a pivotal role in the economic recovery.

Patrick Henry, Frank Fumai, Tania Lynn Taylor and Jagat Patel @Deloitte

Private Equity firms have always been change agents. Yet, they still grapple with what “digital” even means. Let’s try to see how the COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed the value creation imperative.

Glenn Engler and Richard Bulkley@EY

The coronavirus had completely changed ways of life and work for billions of people. Now the second and third waves of COVID-19 cases are tearing through many countries. This article discusses how, in this context, private equity has the ability and imperative to improve diversity and equity in the workplace.

 David Baboolall, Alexandra Nee, and Lareina Yee@ McKinsey

Today Private Equity market is hightly competitive but need new ways to build Portco value. How ERP technology can improve operations for PE firms and their portfolio companies ?

Alex Olano@Trajectory Inc., Casey Conner@ST6 and Marc Craver@FloQast

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| @private equity news

| Gram Slattery@Reuters

| @PR newswire


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How have investment decisions changed since the pandemic, and what are the most important things to look for when evaluating funds or when considering new partnerships?

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