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Wednesday, January 20th 2021

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What will be the new face of the Engineering and Construction Industry?

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The construction industry is experiencing technological innovations, from augmented and virtual reality to 3D printing and robotic process automation. All those solutions are mitigating risks and streamlining the global building production process.

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Mark Gibson, EY, about how technology is disrupting the construction industry.

  Mark Gibson@EY

Thought Leadership

The biggest changes happening in the construction industry right now are shifting how the industry is structured, and not how things are built. The article presents some digital keys to explore, so you can discover how to be a stronger player in today’s invisible revolution.

Olivier Lepinoy@Autodesk

When parity is the order of the day and sometimes still taboo, women’s rise in the construction field has helped advance the industry. Such growth is encouraging organizations to further invest in this trend.

 Adrian Johansen for NCCER

The COVID-19 outbreak is causing concern and economic hardship for consumers, businesses, and communities worldwide. This situation generates challenges to the engineering and construction (E&C) industry that could deepen depending on the crisis’s severity and length.

Jeff Sorensen, Michael Sobolewski and Al Kent@Pwc

With the Pandemic crisis, new challenges have emerged impacting significantly the standard operating procedures. How are successful business answering? Are these changes really temporary?

Gregg Schoppman@FMI

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| Catherine Kennedy @New Civil Engineer

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European researchers are using robots to help with the construction of buildings. In this episode of Futuris, Euronews goes to see one of the prototypes in action.

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