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Wednesday, March 03rd 2021

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What’s ahead for the Media & Entertainment Industry?

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This study is a compilation of articles from several companies members of the CTAM, a professional association for the Media & Entertainment industry. How will consumer behaviors influence market strategies and responses?

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from CTAM about the impact of COVID-19 on Media and Broadband.


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With a forecast of spending multiplied by ten between now and 2025, AI in the media and entertainment (M & E) industry will directly disrupt the existing marketing strategies.
The article presents some of the examples of how AI is changing the media landscape.

Miten N Mehta@Fractal


Although this is not the first economic downturn, 2021 recessionary effects are still unclear. In this article, the authors examine how businesses can use their intercompany transfer pricing systems to better manage losses resulting from the coronavirus pandemic.

 John Harrison @ Ey


The authors explore the media trends for 2021 and share their analysis of the entertainment industry in a post- COVID-19 pandemic world by considering three strategies in the year ahead​.

Jana Arbanas and Kevin Westcott @Deloitte


Twitch is now clearly positioning itself to go mainstream, offering live sports and more and more non-gaming content. Will be a real threat for already struggling boradcasters?

Paul Moore @Atos

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As businesses around the world struggle to survive during the COVID-19 pandemic, the media industry is also facing unprecedented challenges.

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