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Wednesday, January 6th 2021

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The Covid-19 will provoke major developments in B2B, and few businesses will sail through the pandemic unscathed. B2B solution providers have faced an especially dense and compacted cluster of challenges. What impact will that have on their strategy going forward?

This Week’s Must Read is an insight piece from Wolfgang Ulaga about the Post-Covid Future of B2B.

 Wolfgang Ulaga@INSEAD

Thought Leadership

Covid-19 has upended business and work, many have lost their jobs, and businesses have gone bust. It’s now time for governments to take action to build more resilient, post-pandemic economies – and digital technology will play a starring role.

Laurie Clarke@ Tech Monitor

Understanding when and how to change is the essence of strategy. Identifying threats and opportunities become more relevant than the traditional strategy framework. How can companies recognize the change signals for their cotext and their industry?

B. Tom Hunsaker and Jonathan Knowles For MITSloan

In this article, the author explains how publicly traded corporations let down their most important shareholders and the most critical part of their workforce. He proposes a new structure, which he calls the long-term enterprise (LTE).

 Roger Martin@Roger L. Martin, Inc for HBR

Eager to find the right trajectory out of the pandemic, CEOs look ahead to develop their COVID-Exit strategies. How do they get this right?

Kevin Laczkowski, Martin Hirt, Justin Sanders, Becca Bauman, and Keith Martin@McKinsey

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Jackie Wiles, Associate Director of Content Marketing and Chris Howard, Gartner Chief of Research, discuss how to reset your post-COVID-19 business strategy.

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